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Chrysten Abraham was born and raised in the Eastern suburbs of Victoria and has spent nearly all her adult life on the Peninsula. Chrysten has the values of everyday Australians at heart and aims to represent the community of Flinders in this upcoming Federal Election.

Chrysten believes more than ever this election that there is a need for a real change. The pandemic has highlighted how the government’s solutions are just knee-jerk reactions, and the people who pay the price are everyday Victorians.

Chrysten knows that small businesses are hurting. As a passionate Human Resources and Employment Relations Specialist she provides advice to businesses every day and will be advocating to boost business functionality with less red tape and fewer knee-jerk reactions. She has also worked in the Aged Care and Disability sector, and understands the value of spending time with the vulnerable and how important it is for their state of mind.

Political views are often seen as a spectrum, some people are hard right and some are hard left. Chrysten and the Liberal Democrats present a different view—where the left/right debate merely serves to expand the government at the expense of the individual. If elected, she will shake things up, as the major parties often lose sight of the needs of those who elected them amidst the smoke and mirrors they use for their own political gains. Chrysten will be the difference Flinders needs.

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